Youth Organisation Trajectory@ is formed by young people that share attitudes and values, and a similar understanding in the ways to transfer them to society.

The Core of Trajectory@ is composed by trainers with a long international experience working for European Organisations and Institutions.



Ljubov Lissina

Ljubov Lissina is trainer of Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport, and develops her work mainly in the Baltic and the Euro-Mediterranean areas.Her main areas of expertise include team building, intercultural learning, citizenship, inclusion, active participation, human rights education, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and project management. She develops training activities for National Youth Councils, the Partnership Programme and the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Council of Europe.

Ljuba is Secretary General and Project Manager of Trajectory@.

Xavier Baró Urbea

Xavier Baró Urbea is member since the year 1999 of the Council of Europe and the European Youth Forum-YFJ Pool of Trainers.He collaborates in the development of Training activities for International Youth Organisations, National Youth Councils, the European Commission (SALTO, Partnership Programme) and the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Council of Europe.

He is currently involved at international level as coordinator of several projects in the Caucasus, the Baltic and the Euro-Mediterranean areas.

Xavier is Educational Adviser and Trainer in Trajectory@.