Be creative, be an entrepreneur!!!


The opinions of the article do not necessarily reflect the position of Trajectorya. This post is the result of a co-operative learning exercise developed by participants of the Training Course Key Rights, Human Competences (Catalonia, October 2011).

What is the social entrepreneurship?

It is non-for-profit or for-profit organization, which reinvest in the community. They have the market strategy and social goals. They are focused on the improvement of the social, environmental, economical and educational conditions.

The basic elements of the social entrepreneurship are market approaches, initiatives, risk taking, managing resources etc. It is absolutely wrong to think that an organization which is based on environmental or social issue is social entrepreneurship.

For example there are ¨Student´s councils¨ which collect old clothes in order to give them as a charity to poor people (orphans). This organization is not part of the social entrepreneurship because it is a kind of Civil Society Organization, which does not have market strategy.

Moreover supermarkets which give to disable people the opportunity to work there is also no social enterprise, but it is an example of a social responsibility.

On the other hand the cooperation of local disabled people, who have their own shop, where they sell their self-made clothes for working in the construction, could be called social entrepreneurship because it is for-profit, taking a risk, made creatively, employing other disabled people and also showing them that they are strong enough to have their own business.

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