Boys don’t cry…? 2

Day 2.

The day started with the story of Stella, which, as always, raised many hot discussions. We are different and the values linked to our gender and sex are laying really deep and are fundamental part of our identity (and culture). This exercise helped become more aware about these values in other people and ourselves. The most brain striking was to play afterwards with switching the characters’ genders/sexes and reflect on how it would affect our rankings.

To continue this pathway and see how important to us is our gender, we decided to explore identity and explore who, we think, we are. Gender indeed plays important role when socializing. Besides in the matters of inclusion/exclusion and creation of the “normality” within human groups, the understanding of how and why sense of belonging to groups formed, is very important.

Then it came the time of the first workshop delivered by participants. David = Dato, run the workshop “My Toy Story”. The session consisted of several steps in reflection from the gender perspective on why children need toys, who chooses toys for children and how the stereotypes are transferred to children through how the toys are. In the second half of the workshop we spoke about what is “gender neutral” toy and had chance to invent some of them and share these ideas with each other.

In the afternoon we looked at the terms that we have been using for several days together but sometimes felt that we understand them not always in the same way. It was one of the most important sessions, where were clarified what is sex, gender, gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation… These are the terms that are widely used nowadays, but in fact there is an approach as well that considers that all that does not have any sense, because already accepting these concepts we put frontiers between people. We had reach sharing and much “mental food” to digest.

In order to understand about Youthpass, we finished the day with getting to know about “learning competences” and the idea of how the learning at our non formal education training may be translated to valuable document and used to show which competences we are developing together.

An open evening was though for relaxation, swimming, reflecting, chatting around or just taking personal time.


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