Boys don’t cry…? 4

Day 4.

It was an exciting day, because it was all composed out of the workshops. First of all we were warming up with the small exercise to reflect on obstacles for efficient communication and understanding…

It was followed by he workshop, which aimed to practice empathy with gender perspective and reveal and think again about gender stereotypes, formalities and gender expressions. The exercise finished with the hot discussion and it reveals many contradictions among participants, when working on gender.

Next workshop’ central ideas were concentrated around minorities, discrimination, identity and the idea of the multiple identity. Deme took taking as an example Roma community, which he knows so well, and raised the awareness on this community’s challenges. It was discussed in depth about how and when gender mainstreaming is perceived as a threat to identity provoking social exclusions in the group.

Next we experienced the simulation exercise about the Trial Case of discrimination of the mother with disabled child. 3 groups represented the court, the fiscal and the defense of the enterprise, which fired the woman. The session was facilitated by Lidia and Roxana and went very dynamically and everyone seemed to be involved. Definitely the exercise may be put in our collection of simulations, of course, adapted to particular groups and context.

After lunch we had chance to see an adaptation of the exercise from Compass “Take a step forward” for the thematic which we are focused. Each and everyone got a role and had to act accordingly, taking or not the steps forward. It was great to work outdoors, but we had to return to plenary room for debriefing. The exercise finished with the reflection on gender-related privileges – cisgender, heterosexual, male and female. The privileges we are used to have, are impossible to see and notice, until you loose them. It was as well another good chance to clarify the concepts, which we worked on previously. Heleri ran the session.

The day finished with general debriefing on the exercises experienced today and their transferability to our contexts.

We could happily move soon after that to the place of the picnic – the dinner was though to be cooked on live fire and eaten in the forest together. We took our walk, which lasted some 60 minutes to another lake and had wonderful time together singing, talking, playing and having fun till late.



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