Boys don’t cry…? 5

Day 5.
In a way it was a summarizing day: we finally linked the practice with some theory. The morning session was serious and kind of formal – may be the most formal session of the entire training course, even if it introduced the concept of Human Rights and Human Rights Education. It aimed to show that Human Rights Education and gender/gender mainstreaming education are interlinked and that using non-formal learning approaches is recommendable for them.
Then we had some best practices from participants. Do you remember which ones? Smiling face (black and white)
The very practically useful session went after lunch: What about Erasmus +? What is it offering us now different and similar comparing to the previous program? How can we better use the opportunities it offers? It was raised as well information on other available resources: Otlas, Salto, Salto calendar, Tool box, etc. and other European programs.
Next very dynamic session was about our challenges and how should we address them when taking a role of human rights educators and educators who mainstream gender equality. It was done through analyzing different live cases and practices, which had to be solved. The discussion as well showed diversity of visions and values among the participants.
Then we had to run to take train to Tallinn and we said goodbye to Nelijärve, which hosted us for 6 days. We settled down in Tatari53 hotel and had pizza dinner as well as congratulated Ekaterina with her birthday. The night extended for many people till late in Tallinn.

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