Boys don’t cry…? 6

Day 6 of Boys don’t Cry in Estonia.
Work is work, even if the weather is great and you are in one of the most beautiful place of Europe 😉 – the groups went to have their field explorations in Tallinn with their specific objectives and ideas for kind of mini-projects. Everybody returned with interesting results to show, explain and reflect upon. People we met were flexible and sensitive to gender issues, there are NGOs and institutions working on gender in Estonia, but as well there are many things to work on and the challenges are similar to ones in other European countries – the “blue and pink” world still exists, posters and adds often may represent sexist messages and boys should not cry never, on the opinion of many people.
But it is almost the end of the training and we should summarize. Let us return back to Youth Pass and how it should be completed, the learning exercise and hints and instructions are important to know to complete the Youth Pass – were presented.
We decided to do evaluation outdoors in Tallinn, so everyone moved towards center where we could nicely sit and close, reveal the results and plan the future in the park. The group picture, of course, had to be taken.
The emotions were warm, hot, inspiring and promising long-term engagement, multiplying effect and friendship forever. Some projects were flying in the air and hopefully would come to reality. While the sun sat down the training was as well closed; then dinner and last drink together on the roof of Solaris with a view! Goodbyes to everyone! – amb Ekaterina Kovtunovich i 2 més.

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