1 thought on “E:Dialogue?

  1. Yunus

    For me, it makes no sense, if we are talking about dialogue.

    If we call it dialogue, we should aim in the beginning that” we want an agreement” at the end. No matter we could reach it or not. The point is our willingness for an agreement.

    If I will not have an agreement, why should I be in dialogue with you? Otherwise, it should be called debate. We see lots of politician having it before elections. They never agree with each other. (no matter it is meaningful or not) So what happen? They don’t look for agreement, they just look for supporters for themselves, so what is the beneficiary for the country? A big zero.

    If we will not be open, why we are in dialogue with others? If we will not be open for change, for reaching the better (?), why we should be I in dialogue?

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