Economical elements, social impact and innovation in ENTRUM and FETS.

Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme ENTRUM was launched in 2010 by Estonia’s biggest energy corporation Eesti Energiaas long-term CSR initiative.

ENTRUM mission is to promote entrepreneurial spirit, encourage and inspire potential young entrepreneurs in Estonia and around the world, develop the practical skills needed to turn ideas into reality and give young people their first experience of successful entrepreneurship.


The country’s economy depends on the young generation. That is why ENTRUM inspire young people to be more entrepreneurial.


ENTRUM aim to activate at least 15 percent of Estonian young people.


ENTRUM created a large network of entrepreneurs, businesses and famous successful people who invest their time, knowledge and resources in the development of entrepreneurship among young people.


This information was taken  from http://www.entrum.ee/en/


They objectives are generate awareness and foster an ethical use of money, to promote entities that already offer ethical financing instruments, to promote an alternative financial entity in Catalonia which responds to the basic principals of ethical banking.

This is the main goal in this association. They promote an alternative way of financing based on ethic and solidarity.

Awareness society about ethic financing. This association has been working to show that ethical banking is much more than an idea or eternal project, that it is real and tangible. The number of people and legal entities who support them are increasing each year.

The ethical financial system has the aim that the money that is collected are only an instrument to favour projects with an added value for society from the social, environmental, cultural, educational and democratic point of view, among others. It aims at recovering the social and original use of money as something that is used as an instrument to generate productive resources, but not a goal in itself.

The purpose of the financial system is to facilitate relations among people with a surpluss of money and people needing money supporting ethic and solidarity financing. This means that the main objective of a financial entity is to act as a mediator between savers and financed people.

This information is taken from http://fets.org/index.php


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