Euro-Mediterranean Living Libraries

This is a direct follow up of the Expressions in Dialogue project that wants to mainstream intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library or Human Library actions in order to encourage interaction and conversation bringing communities together.

This initiative is organised by our partners, the Association of Human Rights Educators – AHEAD in Barcelona.

Euro-Mediterranean Living Libraries will bring together a group of 20 youth workers and educators from communities around the Euro-Mediterranean area for a six days (10-16 of May 2017) to Catalonia (Coma-Ruga and Barcelona) for an interactive training course aiming to develop youth work competences for preparing, implementing and evaluation Living Library actions in the public sphere. 

The main purpose of the initiative Expressions in Dialogue is bridging diverse communities to invest in the public sphere and to generate spaces where people can encounter diversity and de-construct fears and prejudices specially referring to migrants, refugees, and diverse minorities (cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious,…).

Deadline 25th April 2017.

Estonian candidates, please, contact us asap at




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