Examples on Social Entrepreneurship in Hungary

In the frames of the Training Course: Mind Your Business, some examples of Social Entrepreneurship in Hungary , by Nora.


Name of the SE: Roma Managers Professional Association

Main mission: Istvan has designed a program for education reform and skill training that addresses discrimination against Roma people in Hungary. He has been remarkably successful in involving municipalities in decreasing school dropout rates among Roma, also known as Gypsy, children and in helping adults find jobs.

Website: http://www.romacentrum.hu/kozhaz/debrecen

Country/City:Hungary/ Budapest

Name of the SE: Salva Vita

Main mission: The aim of Andrea David’s Salva Vita Foundation is to give the mentally disabled a chance to create new, independent lives and to assist in their social integration. Andrea helps provide them with integrative workplaces and the training programs they need to succeed in mainstream society. The foundation’s broader mission is to spread the concept of “supported employment” throughout Hungary

Website : http://www.salvavita.hu/index.php?topmenu=4000

Country/City:Hungary/ Komló

Name of the SE: Leo Amici 2002 Addictological Foundation

Main mission: The operations of the Hungarian Leo Amici Foundation – in accordance with its statutes accepted in 1991 – involves programmes supporting the rehabilitation of substance-dependent patients and the prevention of substance abuse. The rehabilitation programme aims at the recovery of chronic substance-dependent patients in the frameworks of a residential facility operating according to the principles of therapeutic communities.

Website: http://www.leoamici.hu/index.php?l=e

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