“Expressions in Dialogue” – our new Euro-Med Project

Trajectory@ is very satisfied, because, as a follow-up of the Training Course in August this year, we have started in September new Project implying Living Libraries.

The Project is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation and lasts for 1 year, till September 2017. It involves 8 partner-organisations: 4 from Europe and 4 from Mena Region. The Main focus will be Living Libraries methodology, addressing the Challenges of Intercultural Dialogue on the local contexts of the partner-organisations.

Structure wise, the Project includes the capacity building activity (training-seminar), to strengthen the competences of the partners in organising and implementing Living Library later on in their communities. In spring-summer 2017 time each partner will prepare implement and evaluate their Living Library and share its results and learning from the process.


As the outcome of “Expressions in Dialogue” Project, at least 8 Living Libraries on local level will take place in Estonia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. It is expected, thanks to the Living Library actions, there will be local impact such as increased sensibility of the local communities towards diverse minorities, immigrants and other vulnerable and excluded groups, thus promoting Intercultural Dialogue and understanding through attempt to transform the assumptions and prejudiced attitudes.

The project promotes the methodology of the Living Library as a tool for Intercultural Learning fostering Dialogue. The project as well hopes to strengthen the cooperation between partners, develop capacities of involved organisations and expects more future cooperation projects in Euro-Med context as multiplier effect.

The first meeting of the coordinators will already take place in Rhodes, Greece, in mid-November, hosted by our Greek partner-organisation. And the capacity-building event is planned to be held in Estonia in February 2017.

We will keep you informed about the achievements of “Expressions in Dialogue”.



1 thought on ““Expressions in Dialogue” – our new Euro-Med Project

  1. Khalid Miah

    Having been a participant on one of Trajectorya’s programmes on intercultural dialogue and citizenship, I would like to wish everyone from all participating countries, tremendous courage and support as you embark on such an important project. The need for intercultural and interfaith dialogue cannot be overstated and I wish you all well in this noble endeavour. A special thanks to the Anna Lindh Foundation for supporting this effort.

    Khalid Miah
    Senior Project Manager, Transnational Cooperation Activities
    UK National Agency for Erasmus+

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