Guidelines For Facilitators & Organizers

We held our Living Library event at the European Union house that is located on Tallinn, Estonia called “Euroopa Liidu Maja” on 22nd of February 2017. The evaluation in general is satisfactory for all group, as we learn from today and also created a guideline for facilitators-organizers in order to improve the next Living Library events that we are planning to hold in our community.

“It is strongly advised to assemble a core group of organisers from the outset, who will be enthusiastic about the Living Library and keen to introduce it in their community.

The organising team will be responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of the project. Based on experience, it is better to have a group of 5-7 people for the preparation phase and then involve more volunteers for the event itself; an organising group that is too big can be difficult to manage and motivate over a longer period.

If you work with a partner organisation, it is good to have a team made up of people representing each of the partners. Make sure already at the outset that all people on your team share the values of the Living Library and that they will not drop out because of some late realization that they do not want to work with a particular group (e.g. gay people or immigrants).”

The Living Library Organiser’s Guide 2011, Council of Europe


Guideline for Organizers – Facilitators

Practical (Finding & organizing the venue)


Activities (Intangible activities of the Facilitators-Organizers in general)








A place that has enough capacity to held a LL Event (Universities, NGOs, Municipalities, High Schools etc.)

Recruiting: The Librarians &Books & Facilitators

Prepare and print out the forms for feedback

·       Promotion Campaign (Billboards, Social Media, handouts, newspapers, radio, banners for public transportation)

Secure budget& Manage it.

 Set the scope of the L.L.

Choose the proper books

Give the guidelines to the stake holders of the event (librarians & readers &books & facilitators)

Look for the translators &dictionaries

Prepare the conflict plan (a management)

Secure privacy for the books

If possible, a rehearsal can be organized




Servicing the beverages & snacks Give the guidelines to the stake holders of the event (librarians & readers &books & facilitators)

Secure privacy for the books

Supervising the procedure

Service friendliness

After Evaluation at the end

We hope that this will be useful for the facilitators-organizers…

By Deniz, Damla, Anna, Sıla, Ahmed, Elena

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