Guidelines for Librarians

 “At the heart of the Living Library are the Librarians, who have the primary task of facilitating the loan of Books.The Librarians connect the reader and the Book: they are the first people the Readers come into contact with and must be able to communicate and work patiently with Books and Readers alike during the sometimes complicated and delicate deliberations and decision making processes.”

The Living Library Organiser’s Guide 2011, Council of Europe


1.1 General preparations:

  • Develop a narrative form to help books.
  • Meet with each potential book organizers identify
    1. Get to know the story of the book plus induction session on Living Libraries
    2. Decide if the story is relevant
    3. Ask the book to fill in the narrative form
  • Coming up with a title and writing a short description of the book to put it in the catalogue:
    1. Name, contact information, book title, summary, labels…

1.2 Before a Specific Living Libraries:

  • Provide organizers with the requested book
  • Preparation of the specific catalogue after organizers confirm books: title, summary, picture.
  • Meeting with the selected books induction on the specific activity and with facilitators (to develop a common code)
  • Setting the timeline
  • Prepare a time-sheet (in coordination with organizer )


  • Welcoming the readers
  • Introducing:
    1. Concept of Living Libraries
    2. General Rules
    3. The Catalogue
  • Supervising the borrowing process of the books
  • Providing readers with technical advice about the books


  • Compiling the technical evaluation sheets
  • Analyzing the results
  • Coming up with suggestions
  • Taking part in the general evaluation meeting (orgnizers-Facilitators-Librarians)
  • Following up with the books
  • Adding collected information to the historical archive of the books


Compiled by:

  • Kadri Jogi
  • Jose Luis De Gracia Gallego
  • Nader El Shishiny
  • Talal Zeidan
  • Thomas Duchini

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