GUIDELINES ORGANISING: Thinking in readers


1. Informing the public:
– description of the event
– Date, time, duration and location (social media, internet, posters, mass
– PROPOSAL: Picking the book in the website (you can have the possibility)
and registering before. There will be a catalogue, of course.
2. Make an open event: Presentation about what a “Living library” is. We can make this
event in public spaces (like pubs, cafes with music and other things etc).
THINGS TO BE IN MIND: Extreme rights groups of people that can sabotage the event.


  1. Check-in at the welcome desk: when readers arrive to the event, they will go directly to register, sign the agreement with privacy and to allow/not allow be in pictures, etc.
  2. Give a document (it can be a poster, as well) with RULES to follow during the
    – Respect the books in order to don’t interrupt them and the other session and
    don’t act offensively.
    – Remember that you are a reader today, if you want to tell your own story,
    keep it for the next Living Library (you are here to hear today).
    – Return the books in the same mental and physical condition.
    – Follow the timetable: 20’ (15’ of explanation + 5’ to make questions).
    – Respect the hosting place/ leave it clean.
    – You can stop the reading session and being helped of an facilitator.
    – The number of the books you can read it will depend on the quantity of
    participants will be in the event.
    – Every book will have up to 3 readers (max.)
    PROPOSAL: – Make the ticket system to pick a book when there are too many readers
    3. Provide the catalogue to the readers: They can choose the books. They should
    understand if the book they would like to read is not available, we will provide other ways to
    choose the book.
    4. We will care about the readers:
    – Informing the readers not to hesitate and to ask for any help (at the welcome
    desk/before the session).
    – Giving the readers the opportunity to be in a waiting room/place to wait and breathe
    out their emotions in case they need.
    PROPOSAL: There could be other activities for readers who are waiting to their session


1. Collect the feedback:

Questionnaire: Regular questionnaire
PROPOSAL to the readers: Would you like to participate in next Living
libraries events? As a facilitator, book, librarian…?
PROPOSAL: A live session (raising hands/ informal conversation groups…).
It will depend on the public and the size of the group.

Isabel Gómez Méndez

Tofu Hunter

Karina Trebunskaja

Manta Fatsea

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