Developing Global Education has been a long standing priority of Trajectorya and its trainers. Here the activities implemented with the support of Trajectorya’s team.



Pärnu, Estonia, November 2009. Organised in partnership with Global Educators and People to People Estonia.

The Training Course aimed at building active European Citizenship with a Global perspective through promoting Global Education with, for and by young people as an educational approach to develop strategies for working on environmental issues at local level and fostering creativity and innovative projects promoting active citizenship with a Global perspective. The course gathered 20 activist and youth leaders coming from 12 European countries and had an important media coverage due to the activism campaign implemented by participants.

The Training Course raised awareness among participants and local community about the interdependency between our everyday actions in an environmental global context, it served to exchange experiences, and to provide space for discussion on a more conscious, ethical and environmental friendly consumption.

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Buenos Aires and Tigre, Argentina, December 2007. Organised by the Catalan Youth Council and advised by the Trajectorya team

The training course “Getting Global!” – promoting global citizenship in youth work aimed to develop competences of youth workers from Latin America and Europe for working with young people on sustainable development as a part Global citizenship education, as well as promoting global co-operation. The course gathered 30 youth leaders and educators from youth organisations working in Latin America and Europe.

This activity was supported by the European Commission Youth Programme


Otepäa, Estonia, May 2007. Organised in partnership with Euroopaa Likumine and AKÜ.

The main aim of this Training course was to develop competencies of youth leaders on Sustainable Development Education as part of European Citizenship Education in a global context. The course promoted co-operation within the programme and established lasting partnership among youth organisations working on Sustainable Development and Human Rights from a global perspective.

A group of 25 Educators and Trainers from Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Latin America (Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico) implemented this training course.

This activity was supported by the European Commission Youth Programme

Trajectorya works with the A.C.A.M. definition of Global Education:

“Global Education raises awareness to world realities and develops upon an understanding on its interdependence [AWARENESS]

Global Education is understood to encompass Development and Cooperation Education, Human Rights Education, Sustainable Development Education, Peace Education and Intercultural Learning; being the global dimensions of Education for Citizenship [CONTENT]

Global Education enables people to develop empathy, a sense of belonging to the global community and responsibility towards bringing about a world of a greater justice, solidarity, equality of opportunities and universality of human rights [ACTION]

Global Education should be implemented through complementary Formal and Non-Formal Education. [METHODOLOGY]”

As agreed by the YFJ Pool of Trainers subgroup meeting in the University of Youth and Development 2005, based on the Global Education Mastrich Declaration

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