All educational activities of Trajectorya contain more or less significant part on Human Rights and Human Rights Education.

Here below, some of the implemented projects that were mainly fostering human dignity in youth work.


Expressions in Dialogue: Innovative youth work practices on refugee inclusion through Living Libraries

The strategic partnership lasted from September 2018 till March 2020, and directly addressed  the refugee cause from diverse realities in Europe creating innovative youth work tools for:

  • supporting the inclusion of young migrants and refugees strengthening the sense of belonging to the hosting communities.
  • Mainstreaming intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library actions in order to encourage interaction bringing communities together.


The project was implemented for, with and by youth migrants and refugees together with youth workers from diverse communities around Europe to develop innovative practices on refugee inclusion through human rights education and Living Library methodologies.


The Training Organisation Trajectorya MTÜ is the European Coordinator of the project

The Strategic Partnership project was implemented by the consortium of the following organisations:


Project Phases

Expressions in Dialogue was structured through actions at Local and European level.

  • Coordination Meeting: The first Phase included a Coordination meeting with each partner representative. The Coordination meeting took place in September 2018 hosted by our partners in Greece, The House of Europe.


  • Local Coordination Teams: As result of this first encounter, Local Coordination Teams were created by each partner organisation


  • Capacity Building: The training course, as part of this project, takes place in Tallinn. The Capacity Building is specially addressed to the team members responsible for implementing the Living Library actions in each partner-country in frames of the “Expressions in Dialogue” project.

At the training course, the national teams of partner-organisations gain competences in preparation implementation and evaluation of the Living Library event.

But not only that. The educational part of the training course provides knowledge, skills and and develops attitudes of participants in Intercultural learning and social inclusion, which is very important for the work back home dealing with the human books, facilitators, librarians and everyone involved in the running of the Living Libraries.

After implementation of the Living Libraries by the partner-organisations, the participants will meet again in Barcelona in autumn to share their experiences, their work as teams and create materials for the common web platform focusing on practices of inclusive youth work. Living Library will be presented as well there as one of the tools for inclusion of young migrants and refugees.

  • Local Living Library Events

After the Capacity-Building training course (in February 9-16 in Tallinn), all the partners organisations were busy with the creation of the active group committing to organise their local actions – Living Library – and were doing necessary preparations for implementing Living Library event locally. This preparation includes, of course, logistical and technical preparation, but more importantly, finding and preparing the Human Books (“the catalogue”) and dissemination of the invitations and calls for the Living Library event.

All the partners advanced a lot in this process and as a result 5 Living Library local events were planned to take place between May and June 2019. Finally, as a big success and engagement of the local teams 8 Living Library events took place:

  • On the 2nd and 3rd of May – We Organisation (in Hague, the Netherlands);
  • On the 11th of May – House of Europe (Rhodes, Greece);
  • On the 1st June – AHEAD (Barcelona, Catalonia);
  • On the 8th of June – Young Effect Association (In Magenta, Italy);
  • On the 15th of June – AHEAD (Barcelona, Catalonia);
  • On the 20th of June – by Trajectory@ (Tallinn, Estonia);
  • On the 12th of July – House of Europe (In Athens, Greece).

In parallel to the event in Italy, the Expressions in Dialogue Coordinators’s meeting took place in Magenta (Italy) on  7th to 10th June 2019. This time each national coordinator attended together with one representative of the local Living Library team. The agenda included evaluation and sharing the results of local Living Libraries, that had already taken place and the progress of preparations of the ones, that were still to come.


  • Innovation Development Meeting

A second Training activity was hosted in Catalonia and invited the coordination teams involved in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the local Living Library event(s) in each partner-country. Each team was composed by a balanced group of youth migrants and refugees as well as representatives of the hosting communities. They were as well representing diverse actors of the Living-Library-teams: Human Books, Facilitators, Librarians, Readers and Coordinators to join the meeting.

After the implementation of the Living Libraries, the representatives of all the teams got together to share their experience, challenges, solutions and talk about the process of preparation, implementation and evaluation of their local events, from perspective of the inclusion of refugees and migrants, who were involved as participants in all the roles within this process.


  • Dissemination Meeting

After that meeting and closing the Expressions in Dialogue project a Dissemination Meeting took place in  February 2020 hosted by our partners in Rhodes.

More about the meeting



The materials about the Project as well as conclusions and recommendations are shared with the wider public on the Living Library web portal.

Discover the whole Expressions in Dialogue Project here!




2013 Boys don’t Cry…? Mainstreaming gender in youth work From 24th April to 2nd May 2013 (arrival and departure dates), in Coma-ruga (Tarragona, Catalonia)

Organised in co-operation with our partners from AHEAD (Association of Human Rights Educators) and with the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission

The training course “Boys don’t Cry…? Mainstreaming Gender in Youth Work” is designed for twenty-two youth leaders, youth workers and educators to develop learning competences aimed at mainstreaming gender in youth work through Human Rights Education and Non-Formal Education methodologies.

The course of eight days, is part of the “Eastern Youth Window” programme and it is promoted by youth organizations in Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, and coordinated by the Association of Human Rights Educators.


2012 Training Course on Human Rights Education for Inter-communitarian Youth Work

From  the 9th to the 15th July in Tallinn, Estonia.

This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

More information at

2012 Training for Trainers on Human Rights Education From the 30th July to the 8th August in Trakai and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Project supported by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission


2009 CReActive:Children Rights in Action Liepaja, Latvia, December 2009. Organised in partnership Youth Organisation Liepājas Jaunie Vanagi and supported by Youth In Action Programme of European Commission.

“CReActive: Children Rights in Action” was a Training Course for youth leaders and educators aimed at increasing competences in the pedagogical development of activities dealing with Human Rights and Children Rights Education by using non formal education methodology.

By using innovative and creative approaches to Human Rights Education, CReActive joined the European year of creativity and innovation at the same time contributed to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The course gathered 20 youth leaders and educators from youth organisations working with children and young people in developing Human Rights Education for Children, and Children Rights Education.

Media Coverage

2009 Training Course on Human Rights Education with Children “Celebrating Children Rights” Rõuge, Estonia, July 2009. Organised in cooperation with “Sharing is Caring” informal youth group and with the support of Youth In Action Programme and European Youth Foundation.

The Course aimed to develop competences of youth leaders and educators working with children and youth in the pedagogical development of activities dealing with Human Rights and Children’s Rights Education by using non formal education methodology. It gathered for 25 participants from organisations located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Armenia, Russia and Poland.

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2003-2007 Girona, September 2008:

Training Course on Children Rights “Child ParticipAction! Bringing Children Rights to the Core of Participation” organised by ESPLAC and supported by the Youth in Action Programme.

Girona, September 2007, Catalonia:

Training Course on Children Rights “Childhood in Action” organised by ESPLAC and supported by the Youth Programme.

Rõuge, Estonia,  July 2007, Estonia:

“Kids in Action. The Role of Educators promoting Children Rights Education” organised by Empower Station Youth Group with the support of Youth Training Organisation TRAJECTORY@ and co-financed by the Youth Programme and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Rõuge, Estonia,  August 2006, Estonia:

Training Course combating Homophobia “HOW DO YOU HANDLE DIVERSITY?!” organised by TRADIVARIUS supported by the Youth Programme National Agency.

Tarragona, Spain, November 2005:

Training Course: “BUIDING BRIDGES FOR HUMAN RIGHTS – HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION IN THE WEST MEDITERRANEAN AREA” supported by the EUROMED Youth Programme of European Commission and the Council of Europe.

Barcelona, December 2004: Organised in partnership with

Training Course: “HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA” supported by the Youth Programme National Agency.

Tallinn (Estonia) December 2003:

Training Course: “HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION for Educators and Multipliers in Human Rights Education  IN THE BALTIC AREA”  The regional Human Rights Education Training Course of the Council of Europe with the publishing COMPASS.

The course was supported by the Youth Programme National Agency and the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe.

The course aimed to develop competence of trainers, youth leaders and educators, dealing with youth work and/or Human Rights Education in the Baltic Area.

It was specially designed to enable participants to act as multiplier agents of HRE in providing the skills, attitudes and knowledge to educators working with minorities and to highlight the importance of active citizenship in order to develop democratic societies.

Participants attending the course were coming from Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Finland.