Intercultural Dialogue 2.0

Reporting live from the Anna Lindh Forum, 4th -7th March 2010 Barcelona


Social Media has seen an exponential development in the very recent times. The massive use of Information Society Technologies continues to accelerate but seems that the words supporting Intercultural Dialogue are being overwhelmingly shadowed by the negative messages and hate speech.

Anna Lindh Forum Barcelona


In the Euro-Mediterranean area there is a confluence of paternalism, authoritarianism and dogmatism that gets its reflection in all parts of society.

Despite last decades have seen a huge improvement on the development of education, change in a number of not support the development of real participatory “Citizenship”

The great development of the education in all the area has not been matched  by the develop competences of emancipation, autonomy, empathy, critical thinking, tolerance of ambiguity…

Could the social media be used to develop these competences and to open and extend the reflection to the citizenry??

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