Perceptions of Israel in Tarragona

EuroMed Training Course Towards Dialogue 24th September 2009

 Results of the Research Exploration of the Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue in Tarragona (Catalonia)


As we walked in Tarragona city we found huge diversity; Like seeing girls with “hijab” , Italian restaurants, Chinese shops and watching a very essential and traditiGraphity in Rambla Novaonal festival in Tarragona “castalles” .

So all this in one day one place!

Maybe you are asking what is the relation between the photo and what we had said so far. We are not sure how truly the photo reflects Tarragona position towards Israel, but yesterday was exploring day for participants from “towards dialogue project”, and one of our team members who is an Israeli, was questioned by one immigrant about the war in Gaza. Actually it was more like accusations.

Now the question is could a conflict cause people to be that intolerant?

18 thoughts on “Perceptions of Israel in Tarragona

  1. Manolo

    I think that only one opinion cannot be generalised. There are for sure different people who think different way but that is the diversity itself as well, isn’t it?

  2. Facebook group

    Maybe it’s not about tolerance but about cultural resources, education, being open-minded,…

    We think that It’s the results about what media are showing to the world: only one point of view.

  3. chiara

    ..of course a conflict (in a foreign country)does not allow to cause intolerance,but I would not generalize this issue. I think it was only the man’s personal point of view and you should take it for what it was without making it too general.
    anyway, I also felt very bad when we saw the “event” that caused the picture, it really affected me a lot even if i am not israeli.

  4. duende

    i think you should explain more what happened yesterday in Tarragona and how did you felt. it s a so complicated issue the one of the conflicts you are living in Israeli, that not everyone can understand reasons and situations. Cultural diversity I think is also having negative opinion and believe only in what you have had the opportunity to know. media also play a fundamental rule. they create opinion and the manipulate people s mind. what would you propose to fight against the opinion that Europe has regarding the Israel+Palestinian question?

  5. Adyb

    I think is not about tolenrce. but for me when i saw what happend in Gaza in last december my heart was hurting me ,and for sure i want to have some answer and blame somebody so when i see an israeli person i would like to tell him that what happend in gaza was jenocide not a war

  6. Anone

    Yes, no one will ever forget what happened in Gaza. I reached a stage that I do not want to open the TV.. not to see, or listen because what happened dose not happen in real life in 2008-09! Spraying phosphorous on human beings!!!

  7. Maxus

    Adyb – Gaza event was an antyterroristic operation. The majority of killed (acording to Hammas own sources) were islamists militants or armed extremists. Isralian Forces in most of cases actes in a very ocurate way, needle like tactic. And if you are not agree, please check out the consequences of Russian-Chechen war. You will see, how looks like a war then fighters dont get a shit about casualties among civilians. And please, if only for the remembrance of victims of a REAL genocide in Darfur, Kenia, Korea, Cambojia, European Jews, Armenians ext. don`t use this word for propose of a political manipulation.

    Anone – you had been fed from narrow, one sided information source. Please show me one link to adequate, neutral source that prove your claim about use of non conventional weapon.

  8. Adyb

    Maxus-about the word jenocide i had a disscution with an israeli friend here in coma ruga( where the TC is)
    and i didn’t now how this word is cos of my eglish level so may be yes may be not, and for that the the majority of killed i don’t now from were you get your info cos if i remembre hamas sad that it was less than 50 member were killed. and also i made an conclusion that we all should see the picture with 3D ( from both sides);
    here is a link from youtube to see some exemples IT VERY HARD VIDEO :

  9. Dekel

    I hear that Israel is strong and violent all the time.
    Sometimes it is correct, but how come hamas still exists?
    How come I, as an Israeli, still donnot feel very safe?
    Because the Israeli army did not used all the force it has to protect me.
    No other state was ever so tolerant towards direct attacks on its citizens. I hope this was the last war. I hope that a Palestinian democratic state will be founded soon.
    War is horrible, there are no clean wars.
    I would prefer any other way to prevent the terrorists from launching missiles at my home. Israel could do a lot to prevent this war. But Hamas way is not like the Catalonian way of demending freedom.
    I want to believe that most Palestinians want peace, but the people in control now, Hamas movement, want me dead. This is the formal decleration of Hamas, I invite all of you to check it in Hamas English website.
    They used Israel`s sensitivity for human life in order to succesfully attack me. Because Israel refused to use all its force to porotect me, Hamas still exists.
    Israelis have a lot to improve but if the Palestinians will not improve too, we will never have peace.

  10. Another point of view

    First of all, I would like to answer the question, Yes, conflict causes people to be intolerant.
    But Hallelujah, we have freedom of speech, in Europe. So you can reflect what you want.It is a basic right here in Europe.

    Some of friends state that media is showing to the world only one point of view. Bravo! That is totally true, But in totally opposite way. Because media is in Jewish people’s hand.( It is not a styrotype, it is a fact, so you can not deny it ). Everybody knows that how Jewish people keep it in USA, UK, Australia, and France… Therefore, if it is the point of one view, it is Jewish point of view. Of course, there is some exceptions as usual.

    As I believe, we should accept this “what happened in Gaza was bad”. If you think that, yessss we did it well and we should kill more people to be safe. It is your point. And I am totally disagree with it. And for the friend who state the Russisan-Checenian war, no-one can purify themselves, while they are comparing worse conditions.
    But Israel should kill more and more people? You think that you don’t use your all power to your enemies. For sure, it is true. But what should you do? You have removed Lebanon from map because of they got you’re a few Israel soldiers. To be safer who you should kill more? All Hamas people? All Palestinians? All Araps? All Muslim?

    And another comment was about “Palestinian democratic state”. Good word! Also UN ask for it. Who doesn’t give permission on it???
    And about democracy, what kind of democracy is it? We remember that when the Hamas has win the elections, West (western countries) didn’t approved it. Why? Because this democracy was not in favour of them.

    I am so sorry, if I have touched your hearts, but now you can see the different points of view.

  11. Maxus

    You touched my mind. My brain is totally exploded by genius and consistent of your logic.

    Freedom you say? Of course, but i want to remind you, that freedom of swinging the knife ends, there the others flesh starts. And democracy is not about the dictate of majority but generally its about human rights.

    Hitler came to power during democratic election as well. And the guy also liked referring to “the Greate Jewish Conspiracy”. “Protocols of Zion Elders” and other science fiction grate literary heritage, you know…

    And yes, Hamas still got an paragraph about devastating the Jewish state in his own constitution. Very democratic indeed!

    And yes, marriage with 9 years old isn`t sanctioned by the state and religion rape and pedophilia ,only tribute tradition and thousand years culture.

    And yes, putting an demolition west on the 15-th year boy, giving him a snuff of coke for the bravery and a story about 72 virgins as a consolation (or there are always the virgins) its only sing of protest.

    We can walk back and forward in the history trying to impress one the other in our eloquence. And you have to admit that your case need some stronger and better arguments. But let stop for the second trying to remember who did scenery steps toward duologue and regulation? And what was the reply? – More talks about the Holly Jihad, renewal of the old and good tradition of Jewish genocide and a new wave of escalation?

  12. Alia


    Gaza event was an antiterrorist operation????
    For god’s sake, don’t advocate according to what you get from the media! Do u want to see videos? Do u to want to see the UN reports?? I mean needle tactic!!! You’re even speaking their words!!! Switch on your brain your senses and speak from the heart Maxus!!!

    There is always an attractive excuse for someone’s (country’s) behaviour and you have the chance and the ability to dig deep inside and search for your own truth! But believe me in this case it’s obvious as the sun light!

    Please let’s be smart about it and see the things for what they are? Israel committed war crimes that no human being will accept! Of course a human being with a brain (of his own!) and a beating heart.

    Many of us started expressing themselves by saying “I AM HUMAN BEING”. So please let’s be…
    See the world thru ONLY our eyes and examine, yes let’s examine and see how we feel towards each other…

    Let’s be blunt! Even if you were careless then let it be! At least this is who you are!
    Let’s erase everything surrounding us, everything complements us. Let’s be naked and see how we feel…

    I wanted to say how I feel about Gaza but you know what, I wont.

  13. Alia


    What extra force do you need Israel army to use against Palestinians? Vanishing them maybe.

    Lsn I am not judging you here! I consider you a smart guy from Israel and on the personal level I like you.

    But when I hear you say that you don’t feel safe in your home, I need you to think why.

    Why you’re threatened?
    If someone got mad at you won’t you look around ask why, maybe call him, and maybe apologise!

    I don’t know how can you say that, while you’re claiming that you’re neutral and you want the peace solution! One voice movement!

    Is peace about cancelling one party?? Even if it’s not the majority? Is it?

    Can you put yourself and Hamas shoes? Are you able to advocate according to that? I actually ask you to do it? Are you able to write something down here by being (Palestinian, Hamasi)? But remember that you really have to study them to be one of them to think in their way…

    And let’s see what comes.

    I can maybe say one more thing! That I don’t know how I’ll react if my father was killed, if my brother is in prison, if my sister was raped, and if my house my neighbor my street ALL gone!

    I truly honestly don’t know how I will react…
    Actually just the thought of it makes me shiver in angriness! What about you?

    And yea Hi from Jordan to all human beings I met and had fun with. 🙂


  14. Alia

    Hi Maxus,

    I am sorry dear I didn’t actually get your point regarding:

    “And yes, marriage with 9 years old isn`t sanctioned by the state and religion rape and pedophilia ,only tribute tradition and thousand years culture.”

    “And yes, putting an demolition west on the 15-th year boy, giving him a snuff of coke for the bravery and a story about 72 virgins as a consolation (or there are always the virgins) its only sing of protest.”


  15. Another point of view


    As I have understand from your writing, you have closed yourself for dialogue.

    And you didnt reply what I have written, but you have chosed to attact the “weak” point of Islam (according to your point)

    If you really would like to understand these point, please open some titles here, I think there will be people more than happy to help you to “understand” Islam.

  16. Maxus

    Alia: U are living in a sweet illusions. I wont interfere you up there. Just want to remind that no one ever succeed in preventing one war with wishful thinking only. As an example please check Wikipedia under “Munich Agreement 1938”.

    Point: Actually i am very open and curious about every religion and tradition (maybe except those that practice human sacrifice) . The point is that we are not talking about islam, that appears to be very peaceful religion in most of it versions. I am talking about Islamism, and this is very different story.
    Defenetly I ignore an attempt to exploit a essentially democratic idea of Dialogging, (that assume openness from both sides) while sides been judged in different terms and unsymmetrically treated in different scale:
    Please go and check the list of counties that condemned Israel in UN, you will see there splendid parade of “Human Rights Fanatic Fighters” like Sinigal and Nygeria.

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