Launch of the Platform: “Expressions in Dialogue” KA2

“The main impact of the traditional Living Library is, of course, on the public – the readers of the Human Books (challenging stereotypes about diverse vulnerable and discriminated social groups in the society and thus supporting the inclusion of these groups), however, the way this Project was created, the important emphasis was made as well on the inner inclusion process: what is happening and how is happening the work within the preparatory teams of the local Living Libraries; and importantly – fostering in longer terms further work of these teams doing other Living Library events or involvement of migrants and refugees in other projects and possibly becoming members of organization. From this perspective, the Living Library is a tool for inclusion and may be used as such tool.”

This is a passage from the Thematic Chapter about the Living Library as tool for Inclusion and this is about the essence if the Project “Expressions in Dialogue”, which was finalized few time ago by Trajectory@ and its partner-organisations.

The achievements of this 18 months long Project can be seen at this PLATFORM.

At the Platform we are sharing some outputs and practices of implementation of the Living Library as methodology, which promotes and supports inclusion of young refugees and migrants. It includes the descriptions of local Living Library events by each partner-organisation in Estonia, Spain, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands; it provides the potential practitioners of the Living Library as inclusion tool with Guidelines and some background information in thematic chapters.

We really hope this Platform to be useful for as many people as possible and inspire organisations in youth field and beyond to understanding the Living Library as tool for inclusion of refugees and migrants. We also would like to promote Living Library methodology in general as powerful tool for Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights mainstreaming.

We are dedicating this Launch to the World Day of Refugees, which is today and this is the day one year ago exactly, when a Living Library event took place in Tallinn in frames of this Project.

The Project was implemented with support of Erasmus+ Programme of European Commission of EU.



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