For Grundtvig; eligible applicants include

 1. Those already working in adult education

  • Teachers and trainers in adult education;

  • Heads and managerial / administrative staff of organisations directly or indirectly involved in providing adult learning opportunities;

  • Staff involved in intercultural adult education, or working with migrant groups, travellers, occupational travellers and ethnic communities;

  • Staff working with adults with special learning needs;

  • Staff such as mediators and street educators working with adults at risk;

  • Counsellors or career advisors;

  • Staff working in local or regional authorities dealing with adult education, including the inspectorate; and

  • Persons involved in the in-service training of adult education staff.

 2. Those planning to start/return to a career in adult education

  • Persons who have completed a qualification leading to a career in adult education and intend to start or re-start a career in adult education; or

  • Persons who can demonstrate their intention to work in adult education who are currently.

  • Former teachers and other educational staff re-entering adult education;

Notice that Adult Learner is, in many countries, defined over 25 years of age.

For Comenius; eligible applicants include:  

School education staff categories eligible for a Comenius IST grant:

  • Teachers (including those in pre-school and vocational education) and the trainers of such teachers

  • Head teachers and school managerial/administrative staff%