Instructions for Applying for our Lifelong Learning Training Courses

This page may help you to succesfully undergo the application process to receive the grant covering the total cost of your participation in Trajectorya’s Lifelong Learning Training Courses.

Are you eligible to apply for a Comenius (school education) or Grundtvig (adult education) In-Service Training grant?

Check our website

and the website of your Lifelong Learning Programme National Agency:

How to apply for a grant:

Contact your own National Agency to obtain information on the grant application procedures and to check the deadline for submitting your application. Contact details can be found at National Agency.

Usually National deadlines are acording to the eligible Training Period

  • 15th  January (for courses starting between 1 May – 31 August)
  • 30th  April (for courses starting between 1 September – 31 December)
  • 15th September (for courses starting between 1 January – 30 April)

Once you have been selected for the training course, we will send you an Official invitation form. Together with this document you should send your grant application form (complete it online at your Agency website) to your National Agency following the defined application procedure.

Your National Agency will inform you if you have been awarded a grant, normally 7-10 weeks after the application deadline.


You should then immediately contact Trajectorya to formally register for the course and to confirm your pre-registration. If you have not been awarded a grant but made a pre-registration, it is your responsibility to cancel this.

If you cancel your attendance at the event after the deadlines settled for that (usually a month in advance of the arrival date), you will be responsible for paying any cancellation fees which the training provider may claim. Only in very exceptional cases of force majeure (e.g. serious illness or death of the grant applicant or a family member) may your National Agency pay cancellation fees using grant money.

After the Training Course finishes, within 30 calendar days after the end of the activity you must send the Final Report to your Agency. Approval of the Final Report is the basis for formal settlement of the awarded grant. The Final Report form is downloadable from your Agency’s website.

Should you need any further information, please contact us or your National Agency.

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