Living Libraries: Guidelines for Organizers


The Living Library is a tool that seeks to challenge prejudice and discrimination. The books in this contexts are Humans


  • Select the Topic area/Theme
  • Set a date, time and venue
  • Find the relevant books related to the theme
  • Prepare the book emotionally, mentally, structurally
  • Find the suitable Dictionaries/Translators, if needed
  • Logistics (budget, promotional material, identification material, food, drinks etc)
  • Prepare Information material (leaflets, program, evaluation forms, guidelines)
  • Compose the Catalogue (displaying the list of books with the relevant keywords)
  • Marketing (promoting the event through social, advertisement, local media, on/off line)
  • Obtain permission from local authorities, if needed
  • Ensure safety and security of all people involved
  • Assigning tasks for team members
  • Offering psycho-social support to the books, if needed
  • Always have a Plan B! Expect the best and always be prepared for the worst!




  • Ensure that all aspects of the event go as planned time-wise
  • Information desk-welcome reception
  • Provide readers with consent forms and guidelines
  • On-Spot informants, if needed
  • Take good care of the Books emotionally and psychically!
  • Coordination among all parties involved in the event to run it smoothly
  • Invent a code of internal communication between the books and the organizers/facilitators
  • Reading out the rules of agreements at every new session
  • Documentation of the event (photographs, videos etc.)
  • Provide a relaxing area for the books in order to rest during the breaks and waiting lounges for the readers
  • Ensure that all parties adhere to the rules



  • Analyse the data from the readers evaluation form
  • Feedback from the whole team
  • Leave the venue clean and tidy in the former situation
  • Dissemination of information through social media etc
  • Start Planningg next event !


Posted by Magdalene Tsourdiou, Sade Akande , Alpha Alhadi Koina

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