Recommendations for the organisers of the Living Libraries

books-every-creative-person-should-be-readingOn the frames of the project Living Libraries for Dialogue, participants came up with the following recommendations when implementing Living Library actions.

Here the results of the session.


From the the four working groups, the Living Library practitiners set up the recommendations for:

  • Organisers of the Living Library
  • Librarians and Facilitators
  • Books
  • Readers in the Living Library


And the general recommendations are:

For Organisers:

  • Before the event:
    Choose the theme of the library
    Set dates and time
    Find the venue
    Decide on the catalogue and human books: research, contact, meet, select and finalise
    Try to find sponsors
    Publisize the event
  • During the event
    Arrive early
    Make sure everything is going according the plan
    opening and closing words
    represent the organisation
    help where needed
  • After the event:
    organise three meetings to evaluate and asses with:
    facilitators team
    Prepare a press release


For Librarians:

These are some of key competences for Librarians in the Living Library: they should be very organised, facilitate and communicate, very keen on details, diplomatic and sensible, have knowledge about all the books.
1. Librarians should advertise the library and they can orientate readers about the books and the rules of the library.
2. Librarians should guide readers about the library; as stimulating the curiosity
3. Reservation of the readers with books that they will read, can be digital or can be managed before the activity
4. Librarians should explain the content of the books to the readers
5. Librarians should take more care for the comfort of the books like needed services (as coffee, water, break time etc.)
6. Librarians should also service to the readers for their needs.
7. Librarians should prepare info cards about the books like; biographies of the books, contact address and also content of the books where they sit. (Bank details, the wall) also the info can be added back to the catalogue.
8. Librarians should manage how to find the books and to find the library easily.

For Readers:

Be polite with the books
Ability to be active listener, open and willing to change perspectives

For Books: images-31

Well prepared:
– the story;
– communication and connection;
– Attend the demo sessions;
– Picture, Book title and biography;
– Be punctual.


In an exercise of empathy, participants also got into the shoes of the main actors in the Library, the Readers and reflected on their expectations from all the actors in the Living Library.

What do Readers expect from:

Knowledge, surprise, calm, learning, new perspectives, explore, answers, open, honesty.

To be competent, good seller, orientation, guidance, conflict management, stimulation for curiosity, passionate, attentive, mediator, neutral.

Discover, explore yourself in intellectual library;
Open for every world citizens;
Update and activate yourself.

Caring, setting the rules, monitoring, explaining, comfortable space secured, logistic, rights of books, evaluation/ feedback, follow ups, select the suitable librarians and books for the event, track time.

Variety/diversity of books: polititians, migrants, sexual workers, refugees, LGBT community, health…
Story tellers;
Writers: scientist, artist, polititians, social workers,journalist, economists…

What do Books expect from

Respect our opinions;
Taking care of the books;
Return the book in time.

Protect the book;
Make promotion of the book;
Do good introduction;
Keep books and readers under supervision;
To control the time;
Provide water for the book;
Give rest to the book;
Organise the evaluation.

Before the event: choose place, media and time;
Proper advertisement;
Detect the interest of people around;
collaborate with librarians for books.


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