Living Library event in Barcelona

On Saturday the 13th May 2017, the team of Trajectorya MTÜ together with the Association of Human Rights Educators implemented the first Euro-Mediterranean Living Library event in the gardens of the National Living Library of Catalonia.

The Catalogue of the Living Library includes 18 Titles and 20 Human Books, supported by a team of 6 Librarians and Facilitators and 17 Interpreters, coming from countries around the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Over 125 readers enjoyed the event, and many more passers by got deeply interested by the proposal.

The results of the event can be seen in the following pdf document that includes the results of the evaluation conducted among Human Books, Interpreters and Readers.

Link to Evaluation and images of the event:



A video of the Living Library Barcelona AHEAD  was produced to visualise the event.


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