Living Library in Rhodes – Follow up meeting & Interviews

Minutes of the meeting of the House of Europe in Rhodes, 6 March, 19:00-20:00 pm

Present: Michalis Kavuklis (Coordinator), Magdalene Tsourdiou, Manta Fatsea, Galatea Nicoloulia, Stavros Chrysochos

Opening and setting of the agenda

  • Potential Books
  1. Iraqi Asylum Seeker, 35 (residing three years in Greece)
  2. Palestinian Asylum Seeker, 25 (residing two years in Greece)
  3. Iraqi-Kurdish Refugee, 31 (residing 1 and 6 months in Greece)
  4. Syrian-Kurdish Refugee, 31 (residing 1 year and 6 months in Greece)
  5. Professor, University of the Aegean, Department of Pre-school Education and Educational Design (learning Greek to refugee and migrant children)
  6. A Council member in South Aegean Region in charge of European Programs, Volunteers and Lifelong Learning Education
  7. The Lieutenant Junior Grade at Hellenic Coast Guard
  8. Generally locals dealt with refugee issues (eg. mortician)
  • Dictionaries
  1. There are three potential interpreters so far (Arabic)
  2. In search for Sorani and Kurmanji interpreters
  • Stakeholders

List of people/organizations involved in the refugee issue in the Dodecanese

  • Date

May 11th (pending)     

  • Location

Consulate of France, Old Town (pending)

  • In search for teams of facilitators and librarians


On Friday, the first interview with the two asylum seekers was completed. A second interview took place on Thursday. Several meetings will follow to finalize the stories.


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