LOCAL Project in Narva College

Our aim was to help youth workers and teachers learn new methods for preventing polarization in multilingual learning environments.

Estonian team of “EuroMed Youth work for Intercultural Democratic Citizenship Preventing Polarisation”

As a local project in frames of the “EuroMed Youth work for Intercultural Democratic Citizenship Preventing Polarisation”, the Estonian team prepared, run and evaluated their training programme, which took place on the 13th of May 2022.

A full training day included 4 sessions with a break for lunch.

The preparatory team had an open call for it and the event was held in Narva College of University of Tartu, which specializes in educating youth workers, social workers and teachers. The college also has a special programme for teachers working in multilingual classrooms. Altogether 9 participants (+ 3 of the team) aged 21-55 were present, both youth workers and teachers from the local area. All the participants were from multilingual schools or youth centers. The working language of the training day was Estonian, which was also a challenge because most of the participants were from a Russian-speaking community.

As concluded by the participants, the methods were very useful and easily adaptable into their everyday work in the classroom and youth centers. The topics were a good opportunity for the participants to renew knowledge they had obtained in their lifetime and studies.

Among the most important learning for the team was, that they learnt a lot about how to structure a training day and what to improve in the future. The used methods were evaluated as effective, useful for the participants and helpful to prevent polarising problems in the environments of the participants and their working context in Estonia.

See about the project at its web HERE.

And see some more about the impressions and evaluation of the local project in cooperation with Narva College by this link.

WE are very thankful for cooperation to University of Tartu Narva College.

The Team: Pille-Riin Makilla, Regina Abdrakhimova & Hanna Sults.

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