Memorial: Remembering or forgetting?

Together with our partners of the Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) we will participate in the seminar on Democratic Memorial, this time focusing on one of the last battles of the Spanish Civil war.

In the Ebre’s battle thousands of idealist from Europe and America and a generation on young people a lost their lives defending democracy in front a professional army supported by italian fascist and nazi germany.

After 4o years of dictatorship and 35 years of silence during the transition last years an interest to recover the memory of this painful past has arrived. For some, forgetting is important in order to move forward, and for others, remembering is critical.

In peacebuilding, a common assumption exists that remembering is essential for true forgiveness. Then let’s use the democratic memorial to complete the transition and reconciliation… and to avoid history to repeat again. 

Denial is a common response to great injustice, and often survivors are told to “forgive and forget,” which undermines their ability to tell their story and in doing so regain their human dignity.

In order to set the basis for real reconciliation as basis for a culture of peace and democracy, we must learn to stay through the pain and encourage survivors as they learn to live with memories of their experience. It is also important for offenders to remember in order to recover their own human dignity by taking responsibility for their actions and recognizing the effect they had on the victims.

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