Social Entreprises examples

In the frames of the Training Course: Mind Your Business, some examples of Social Entrepreneurship, by Miguel Angel.

Name of the SE: KŁOS Social Firm

Country/City: Poland / Grotniki (Lodz)

Main mission: Hotel in the middle of the forest where is possible to organize meetings & seminars. Staff of the hotel is composed of people with mental disabilities in rehabilitation phase. They work for 5 hours a day, practice hippotherapy and take part of different activities as part of their future integration in the society.


Name of the SE: La Fageda

Country/City: Spain / Santa Pau (Girona)

Main mission: Company producing milky products (yoghourts and ice creams) where workers are people with mental and physical disabilities. Work helps them to have a better reinstatement in the society.


Name of the SE: Red Calea

Country/City: Spain / Plasencia (Caceres)

Main mission: This company helps Spanish farmers to start using ecological production. Also promotes rural associations of peasants to sell their products directly by internet in order to improve benefits.

Website: http://

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