Moving out of Comfort zone

Posted by Nuria Millan

What happens when you get out from your comfort zone and you start questioning things that the society where you live considers common? What about realizing that “normality” is an empty word because it’s totally relative?

“Boys don’t cry?” made us ask ourselves who we are and how we relate to the world. How we see the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors towards the gender. We have discovered that the gender is socially constructed, so the understanding of femininity and masculinity can change during our life. Therefore, these significances would change depending on the culture, the family, the education…

We have also broken down with the stereotypes that chase and smash us and especially, we have opened our minds to a more equalitarian and tolerant way of thinking and acting. Through the education (tales, plays, neutral language…), we are able to change the societies where the patriarchal system is based.

Gender issues is something to take into account. In Spain, more than 60 people were killed by gender violence in 2012, half of them were between 25 and 39 years old. Do young people have something to say, something to change? Of course we do!! Start looking around you; try to change each small action that doesn’t promote equality. We have the ability, we are strong enough!


Posted by Nuria Millan

These are the personal reflexions of a participant of the training Course Boys don’t cry…? Mainstreaming Gender in youth work (Tarragona, April 2013) implemented by the Association of Human Rights Educators AHEAD


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