Non Formal Education and Totalitarian regimes

While discussing on the underlying attitudes developed through Non Formal Education, often appears the questioning about the use of NFE in promoting as well values completely opposed to the ones we defend.

Is then possible to use Non Formal Education as a tool for the Totalitarian Regimes?

My answer will be… probably not.

Why do I believe so?

Despite the common belief,  NFE is not only about using a set of methods, but it is defined as a junction of methods, methodologies, setting, structural and methodological features. Moreover NFE develops attitudes (does not “teach” values). 

Analysing some examples of Totalitarian regimes, we will put the best known cases from the 30’s in Europe, a related feature of these totali­tarian regimes (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Fascist Italy and Spain… you can contribute with many other cases)  was its anti-intellectualism.

 The Nazis carried the revolt against reason to the most extreme point when they shouted, “We think with our blood.” Stalin also took delight in humiliating intellectuals, and Mussolini exiled many of Italy’s best minds (the famous sentence “Mussolini is always right!”… ultimatelly proved wrong). In Spain a fascist general even proclaimed “Death to the intelligence!”

In these regimes, such virtues as conformity, belief, obedience, loyalty, and the merging of the self in the system were considered more important than the ability to think – the leader and the party would do that. No one was supposed to question the direction of public policy or its underlying ideology.

The underlying NFE values are intrinsically based on the development of the personal attitudes such as autonomy, critical thinking, responsibility… social attitudes and Ethical values.

Apparently these are specially contraindicated for manipulation of masses…

2 thoughts on “Non Formal Education and Totalitarian regimes

  1. Another point of the view

    Firstly, a note to moderator of the Blog. The video is not connected with “NFE and totalitarian regimes”. If “Maxus” would tell about childs in wars or Islamism, I would agree with you to put this comment and video here. It is sure that this person try to make fun of “something” or he thinks that he does.

    As I see in this video, a child was being trained for war. It is really sad that this child should learn how to gun or make weapon. I strongly belive that the boy should play with his friends.

    But have you ever though that why this boy should learn how to make weapons?

    If he has no family to protect him or has no friends because of they has killed. How he can do it?

    Have you ever tried to understand why he shut?

    Maybe he has no water to drink. But you are in a swimming pool with his water. And he just have to watch you from other side of “wall” ? What can he do? He can just throw stones can’t he. Or unfourtunality some adults may use him.

    I kindly ask you to try to understand something. It is easy sit infront of computer and try to make fun of other people.

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