NOT ALONE IN EUROPE: Innovation development meeting in Coma-Ruga

We are very glad, that the Innovation Development Meeting took place in Coma-Ruga (Catalonia), as initially planned, where practitioners and young migrants and refugees representing the local groups, supported by each partner organization, gathered with the objective of exchange of challenges and best practices. Some of the multiplier events and their materials were already prepared by the teams and some meetings were already organised on- and off-line.

Among the objectives of this event was revitalization and development of innovative youth work methodologies and practices in order to increase the quality and develop strategies of cooperation within the Erasmus + Program.

Another important mission of the meeting was to raise the spirits of the teams and coordinators, to re-connect with the aims of the Project and people involved. Therefore it was a very relevant part of the programme to share the achievements of the Project by the current moment, see the drafts of the intellectual outputs and get inspiration from each other’s work.

One of the key elements of the Programme of the meeting was development of the Guidelines and best practices for inclusion of young LGBTQI+ migrants by the participants. As a result, we are having a draft document, that has three sections of Guidelines:

For organisations working with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers ;

When doing activities for young LGBTQI migrants, refugees and asylum seekers ;

How should we prepare before the activity? What should we take into account during the activity? What should we do after the activity?

Internal and external communication.

How to reach the target group? How to communicate within the group of participants (young LGBTQI migrants, refugees and asylum seekers)? What to think of, when using participants in external communication?

We’re wishing all the teams good luck with their multiplier events!

The training course was supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission of the EU.

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