NOT ALONE IN EUROPE: Innovative Youth Work and Intersectional Practices for Young LGBTQ+ Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers

With this post we are starting to publish posts about our international projects frozen now, because of the Covid pandemic.

This Project started actually already in the end of the 2019 and should be continued as soon as possible.

At the current stage, we are looking for the local and national partners in Estonia, who would get involved in the implementation of the multiplier event(s), once they are prepared.

The “Not Alone in Europe” project arises with the main task of giving a broad and specialized training on the LGBTQI+ paradigms to people who develop their work in contact with young LGBTQI+ migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (YLMRA), such as youth and social workers, educators and community mediators, or even representatives of these communities themselves.

The Project is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission of the European Union.

The consortium of the partners of this Strategic Partnership:

Together with Trajectory@, 6 other partner-organisations are involved in this Project.

Coordinating organisation RSFL Ungdom – Sweden,

AHEAD – Association of Human Rights Educators – Catalonia – Spain,

Jesuit Refugee Service – Serbia,

Cassero LGBT Center – Italy,

Allileggie Solidarity Now – Greece.

Aims and Objectives of “Not Alone in Europe”:

The Project aims at contributing to social inclusion of the YLMRA and encourage them to be actors of change by the organisation of capacity building courses, organising multiplier events in each partner country and creating materials in order to face their vulnerable situation.

The concrete objectives of the project are:

  • To empower, engage, inspire and support young LGBTQI+ migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European countries.
  • To develop competences and support social and youth workers, educators and community mediators on how to better include intersectionality and LGBTQI+ perspectives in their activities.
  • To generate synergies for networking and cooperation strategies among youth organisations working with YMRA in Europe.
  • To create innovative youth work and intersectional methodological tools that can be disseminated to associated partners and other organisations in order to share the outputs and experiences of the project.

The Project includes several PHASES:

The Capacity Building training course – it was hosted in Sweden in October 2019. Through the extensive experience of RFSL Ungdom, participants worked with innovative youth work methodologies and practices, including guidelines, methodological approaches and activity proposals.

The main aim of the TC was to prepare participants for subsequent activities in their countries of origin through methods of non-formal education, covering the theoretical foundation of LGBTQI+ issues, including terminology, human rights issues, legal framework and asylum rights, as well as the issues of how to reach the target group. Back home, after the consortium of partners elaborated the Intellecual Outputs, the participants would be expected, based on their newly developed competences, to implement multiplier events in their countries.

An Intermediate Meeting will take place in Italy in 2021, with the attendance of all the organisations involved in the project. The idea was to have this gathering nearby the multiplier event in Italy.

Multiplier Events: each partner organisation will implement at least two activities within the framework of the multiplier events.

The Innovation development meeting (planned for October 2021) will take place in Coma-Ruga (Catalonia), where 22 practitioners and young migrants and refugees representatives of the local group and supported by each partner organisation, will gather with the objective of exchanging the results of the multiplier events as well as revisit and develop innovative youth work methodologies and practices and increase the quality and develop strategies of cooperation within the Erasmus + Youth in Action program.

Finally, in spring 2022 the Dissemination Meeting will be held again, in Italy, where the insights of the Project will be concluded and celebrated and a strategy of the dissemination of the results of the entire strategic partnership will be elaborated.


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