One Hope

 The opinions of the article do not necessarily reflect the position of Trajectorya. This post is the result of a co-operative learning exercise developed by participants of the Training Course Getting GLocal: zooming environment (Pärnu, Estonia, November 2009).



face-in-trees-illusionYou have something different to come this time in this particular place. Do not judge us too hard – because, yes, we have wings, so take THIS !


One day, walking in a park, I had a vision. It was something not related to today at all. Relating to tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… Another space and time – the time still to come.

I saw this girl – she came to me and said: “I am from the new generation. The new people. I`d like to talk about us, the new generation, the green homo sapiens”.

And the conversation began… Just like that – just about things. And I asked, what about the time you`re living in, how about the time 50 years ahead?

How does the planet look like? Are there any of the Green forests left, and what about the blue seas?

Yes, we have all of these things. It is still green, it still blooms and flourishes.

How come it is possible?

There was a large amount of time necessary for you to become aware of the harm you do. And, just as you understood this, you started taking the right decisions. One by one you started to understand that what you`ve really got is one love, one life and one planet to live it on. You started asking the right questions: “Why do I feel a lack of water, when others keep wasting too much of it?”

Just start with yourself, the rest will happen – just like a snowball, coming down a hill, turning bigger minute by minute. You become the roots for a tree – having the strength to change the branches. Every single one of you, influencing the governments, the presidents and each other.

So what will make the snowball turn?

Teach your children taking the responsibility for their actions, understanding all the possible consequences their actions can have.


And then I woke up, understanding that the old game is over, the new one has begun. None of the old marketing games will further work.


It is up to you – the end of this story…

2 thoughts on “One Hope

  1. from Estonia :-)

    We to tend to teach our children and leave all the “hard work” for them. Actually the change we need is inside of us, it you me and you who needs to change.
    PS. Beautiful picture!

  2. Taco

    Teaching our children what the consequences of our actions are, is indeed very inportant. However, We should do this by starting to take our responsibility right here, right now, not postponing it by saying we will teach our children.

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