Our ideas on social entrepreneurship

The opinions of the article do not necessarily reflect the position of Trajectorya. This post is the result of a co-operative learning exercise developed by participants of the Training Course Key Rights, Human Competences (Catalonia, October 2011).


Social entrepreneurship with examples of fair trade

Who are we? We are a group of four women from different European countries who have been together on a training course for one week.

What we understand as social entrepreneurship?

After some strong experiences during the course, we finally came to a conclusion that even if we previously knew nothing about social entrepreneurship, we all have encountered some form of it in our everyday lives.

If you have ever got a handmade bracelet or earrings, 

eaten fresh apples grown next to your house or seen this image   

The main aim of social entrepreneurship is to improve communities through innovative changes. What do we need for that?


– Recognition of needs of a community

– Initiator (entrepreneur)

– Good idea

– Taking the risk of realizing the idea

So, a social entrepreneurship recognizes a social problem and uses the rules of business to organize, create and manage a project to achieve social change. You should not mix social entrepreneur with businessmen – it is not about making big business or lot of money. The profit is reinvested into the community for their benefit.

To make it clearer, here is an example.

There is a café in Wroclaw (Poland) called Falanster and there is a coffee tree in Heuhuetanango in Guatemala. People in Heuhuetanango have a problem of not finding market for their products. An organization recognizes their problem, so they try to help them by initiating to increase their market and offer them fair trade. The people of Heuhuenatango find it a good idea and they become the “social capital” of this project. The organization takes the risk and invests in that community, so the people can earn better salaries. At the same time, the person who is drinking this coffee is learning about globalization and social justice and becomes aware of the benefits of social entrepreneurship.

Ausra, Elena, Monika, Viktoria

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  1. Roger Hamilton

    The reality of good. At the end of one’s life,
    is not measured by how much money you made, but
    by how much you have made the world a better place.
    Successful entrepreneurs often the real impact of the
    non-profit and social enterprise switch.You know very
    well about social entrepreneurship,
    Who reads your website well.

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