Preparatory meeting of coordinators in Rhodes for “Expressions in Dialogue”

The Coordinators’ meeting for the “Expressions in Dialogue”, which is the first encounter of the Project, took place on dates 15-17 of November 2016 and gathered five representatives  in charge of coordination.

The first preparatory meeting was hosted by one of the Project’s promoter: Europa House in Rhodes (Greece) and aimed at enhancing the Project and all its planned stages, the role of the coordinators, the logistical, organisational and financial aspects and detailed action planning in frames of the coming stages of the Project.

The team during the walk around Rhodes Old Town.

The meeting included as well the overview on the Living Library methodology, the work of the promoter-organisations in area of Intercultural Dialogue in Mediterranean with and for young people. The participants of the meeting shared the specific contexts of their realities and reflected in what areas the Living Library would better address the local challenges.

The further steps will include the creation of organisational teams for the local Living Libraries, starting preparations for their local activity and nominating the participants to be trained at the training-seminar in Estonia the coming winter.

Due to some logistical and force major reasons, not all the promoters’ representatives in role of coordinators could be present at the meeting, so they could be reached and do their contributions with the help of the social media by skype and google hangouts.

The Project “Expressions in Dialogue” aims to mainstream intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library actions. These actions should encourage interaction and conversation bringing communities together in the local context of the partner organisations.

What are the mile-stones of out Project? Presentation.

To achieve its aim, the project will bring together a group of “seeds” from communities around the Euro-Mediterranean area for an interactive training course to analyse the challenges of a meaningful intercultural dialogue and develop Living Library competences based on the principles of Intercultural Citizenship Education.

Expressions in Dialogue will train youth leaders, educators and activists in implementing these Living Libraries in their community context as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue in EuroMed today.

The Promoter-organisations involved in the Project are:

The Project is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Rhodos Castle
Connecting with Egypt.
Turkey is calling!
On the table during the meeting.

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