Sharing best practices in preventing polarization, in Catalonia

We are continuing to implement

our project Euro-Mediterranean youth work

for Intercultural democratic citizenship

Preventing Polarization.

This time the meeting took place in Catalonia,

in Coma-Ruga (Tarragona) on dates 30.09 – 06.10.2022.

After doing their local projects, the teams gathered together to share their results, impressions, inspirations and reflect n further work they can do in the youth field and multiply the values and methodological approach to prevent extreme polarization and its consequences.

We are publishing few pictures here. And you also can check this post from our partner organisation AHEAD to know more about the meeting.

In fact after this meeting the Project start moving to its completion parts, translating its results into materials, which we can share to the World and youth work field. In the remaining parts the consortium of the partner-organisations will gather materials, as Intellectual outputs, into a hand book. The next meeting foreseen will be in Beirut, Lebanon.

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