Social Entrepreneurship in Lithuania

 In the frames of the Training Course: Mind Your Business, some examples of Social Entrepreneurship, by Indre.


Name of the SE: Salad bar Mano Guru

Country/city: Lithuania, Vilnius

Main mission: Preparing healthy, fresh, high-quality food for demanding clients and enabling young ex-drug addicts (about 70% of the staff) to blend into society.


Name of the SE: Bitė žmogui (Bee for a human)

Country/city: Lithuania, Antalieptė, Zarasų rajonas

Main mission: Space for social innovation, non-formal education &integration for job market of less fortunate people by improving their entrepreneurial skills by collecting and selling honey.

Website: (Lithuanian only, sorry!)

Name of the SE: Sustainable Dance Club

Country/city: Netherlands, Rotterdam

Main mission: To change the world of clubbing by enabling clubs and festivals to become more sustainable and inventive, encouraging young people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


Besides that, I find Dutch organization ENVIU really interesting! It’s a place for social entrepreneurship ideas to become financially sustainable start-ups. Take a look !

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