Social Taxi.

Social Taxi.


Did you ever imagine you self in a wheelchair?

What would be the most difficult for you? Could you go to your job & back without support?


Taking in consideration this problem the first social taxi project was established in Vilnius summer 2012 by National Social Integration Institute. This is the first project in this area in the Baltic States.

The main goal of this social innovation is to overcome mobility challenges. For this purpose the special car is used and trained drivers and volunteers are working.

To cover the costs of the transportation only symbolic fees are charged.  This is an example how even small initiatives can have a big impact.

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By Margarita, József, Gabriela.


2 thoughts on “Social Taxi.

  1. liviu

    Very usefull idea. In order to be sustaineble have it of the time function as a normal taxi buissness

  2. Marina Liviu Zet Ivo

    in this case, we think that it would be an initiative closer to SE if they have the idea to expand the business in order to cover the needs for a larger area.

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