Strategic Partnership Co-ordinators Meeting

From the 17th  to 19 th June 2015 Trajectorya MTÜ organised the meeting of co-ordinators of the strategic partnership in Bologna.

The meeting served to prepare the biennial strategic partnership  “Boys do not cry …? Developing tools for gender mainstreaming in youth work. ” The ultimate goal is the creation of a website where the promoter organisations will publish tools for promoting gender equality for the  internal management and educational activities of the youth organisations.

This project is funded by the European Commission through the key action KA2 + Erasmus program.

On behalf of the promoter organisations of the project participants at the co-ordinators meeting were:

  • MTU Trajectorya (Estonia): Ljubov Lissina
  • Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Il Cassero (Italy): Irene Passini and Valeria Roberti
  • Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) (Catalonia): Xavier Baró
  • National Institute for Social Integration (Socialinės Nacionalinis Integracijos Institutas) (Lithuania): Neringa Jurčiukonytė
  • Asociatia Bumerang (Romania): Alina Aflicailor
  • Renaisance Institute (Turkey): Hatice Yildirim
  • BE International (Czech Republic): David Inashvili

The meeting of the coordinators of the KA2 was organized by Arcigay Il Comitato Provinciale Cassero (Italy).

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