Strategic Partnership on Gender Mainstreaming

The Strategic Partnership “Boys don’t cry…?  Mainstreaming gender in youth work”  is designed to exchange best practices and develop learning competences aimed at mainstreaming gender in youth work through Human Rights Education and Non-Formal Education methodologies.

The idea of the Strategic partnership proposal appeared as a need detected among youth workers and educators in youth organisations around Europe to develop co-operation, foster new ideas and exchange best practices among organisations in order to  transversally  address gender mainstreaming in youth work.

This is the direct follow up of the training course “Boys don’t Cry…? Mainstreaming Gender in Youth Work” Trajectorya and its partners implemented last August in Estonia. It was identified the need of synergies among organisations to support the de-construction of gender roles in the youth work field where these roles are often reproduced thus perpetuating inequality.
It was noted that to contribute to create gender equality in these communities it was  important to address not only femininities but as well the construction of masculinities in diverse social contexts, and to challenge the myth that gender equality, and human rights, represent a threat to cultural identity, specially of minorities.


With this strategic partnership proposal we want to develop and transfer educational tools and organisational practices to de-construct gender roles and stereotypes in youth work achieving a long lasting effect beyond a single course.

The project wants to underline the transversality of gender mainstreaming, addressing the way how femininity and masculinity roles are constructed and how it affects society and youth work.  For that this strategic partnership proposal addresses youth workers, trainers and educators, to develop learning tools aiming at mainstreaming gender in youth work through Human Rights Education and Non-Formal Education methodologies.

These are the organisations members of the consortium of this Strategic partnership:

  • MTÜ Trajectorya (Estonia),
  • Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Il Cassero (Italy),
  • Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) (Catalonia),
  • National Institute for Social Integration (Nacionalinis socialines integracijos institutas) (Lithuania),
  • Asociatia Bumerang (Romania),
  • Renaisance Institute (Turkey), and,
  • Be International (Czech Republic).


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