Subcultures in Tallinn

The opinions of the article do not necessarily reflect the position of Trajectorya. This post is the result of a field reserach developed by participants from EuroMed region in Tallinn in the frames of the TC Exploring Dialogue.


It is quite ok to express yourself in a way you like.new12

Any subculture is welcomed here: “Estonians are pretty tolerant but still keeps the distance” – one Estonian said.

new2Although average local people, who were interviewed, do not know much about the subcultures, they find it as a way of self-expression. Finish tourists who we found walking on the street have not paid much attention to local different – looking people. “All of us should create subculture for our self to make the identity” – Interview Estonian saidnew3

From our point of view, to be a member of subculture can be a way of founding yourself.

Ilze and Valda



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