The beginning of the project “Boys don’t cry…?”

The first day was mostly about team building and getting to know each other. The day started with name games, ice-breaking games that make us to know each other better and better. We have created our profiles (like in facebook) and connected it to our countries in one big map.

Then we had a very nice and challenging task in village “Coma Ruga”. The task was to exchange a small bag for something more valuable and repeat it at least 4 times.

Firstly, we had a few failures, but we did not give up, change our strategy, and used some marketing tricks. Finally, we succeeded and after 5 exchanges we get Big red bag with 2 oranges inside.





The task was interesting because we met many people who did not know English and we had to communicate in body language.







The day ended with intercultural evening, which was amazing…


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