The coordinators’ meeting in Magenta. Midterm evaluation of the Expressions in Dialogue KA2.

Last week, 7-10 of June,  the midterm meeting in frames of the KA2 Project “Expressions in Dialogue” took place in Magenta in Italy. This time not only coordinators took part in the meeting, but as well one representative from the teams of the local Living Library actions from each partner-organization could join.

At the meeting the teams presented how their local Living Library events went, were prepared and evaluated. Some of the actions already took place and some are still to come. For instance the Living Library in Rhodes, Hague and Barcelona-1 already are done, but still are coming in Tallinn, another one in Barcelona and Athens.

The dates of the meeting were not chosen randomly, but especially on those days, because on the 8th of June our hosting organization in Magenta, – Association Young Effect, was running their Living Library. So, all participants of the meeting could attend and learn from this event. It was the highlight of the meeting and we enjoyed that very much.

Besides that the agenda of the meeting included discussions on the coming meetings in frames of the Project, the results and challenges of the Living Libraries and work in the local teams, feedback on the design and structure of the web page of the Project and planning of the development of the intellectual output. Some cultural programme was foreseen too, such as attending the 160th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Magenta with the simulation of the fight between the French and Austrian troops, as it was in 1859.

“Expressions in Dialogue” is a Strategic Partnership of organizations addressing the refugee cause from diverse realities in Europe to create innovative youth work tools for:

  • Supporting the inclusion of young migrants and refugees strengthening their sense of belonging to the hosting communities.
  • Mainstreaming intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library actions.

The project proposes to work for, with and by youth migrants and refugees together with youth workers and youth leaders from diverse communities around Europe to develop innovative practices on refugee inclusion through human rights education and Living Library methodologies.

The artners of this strategic partnership are:

  • MTÜ Trajectorya (Estonia)
  • Young Effect Association (Italy)
  • AHEAD – Association of Human Rights Educators (Catalonia/Spain)
  • House of Europe in Rhodes (Greece)
  • VYRE – Voices of Young refugees (France) 
through its members WeOrganisation (the Netherlands) and ArteWeda (Poland).

The Project is supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.

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