Think big – Do small!

The opinions of the article do not necessarily reflect the position of Trajectorya. This post is the result of a co-operative learning exercise developed by participants of the Training Course Ahead 4 Convivencia (Catalonia, November 2010).

Obviously the topic of Roma is a hot topic all over Europe, not only since the recent developments in France where the government decided to expel many Roma out of the country – back to Romania and Bulgaria and against European laws. This debate shows that these issues can’t be solved only on national levels. But still the situation of Roma people is different in every country, which makes a European solution even more difficult. We can divide Europe into two parts: countries where Roma migrate from and countries where Roma migrate

All of us are waiting for the EU to find a solution suitable for everyone. But what if we can’t wait until the “big tanker“ of the European Union is coming up with a common decision that is really helping to improve the situation of Roma people in Europe? Maybe we have to do it by ourselves; this time.

So, how to create a positive environment on local level to decrease the number of reasons for migration?

Perhaps we have to start thinking out of the box and change the angle: Not putting all our energy into getting rid of Roma people BUT making them stay! How can both sides benefit from more integration, more cooperation, more cohesion?

How do you think could you contribute to improve the situation of Roma people in your society and to integrate them better? Are YOU ready to cooperate?

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