Time of Changes. Europe of Changes.

This is a Networking Project with focus on memory of 1980-90th.

The idea of the project is to raise European identity and awareness of memory culture for young people through development networking between civil society organisations from EU, Eastern Partnership countries and Russia, and promoting non-formal education, international cooperation in youth field and memory work with focus on end of 1980th – beginning of 1990th as time of changes in Europe.

The Project objectives are:

  • to initiate dialogue on dealing with different narratives and memory culture of 1980-90th in (international) youth work between the partners;
  • to develop competences of younger generation of youth workers / educators, associated with the partner organisations and thus contribute in quality of their work;
  • to prepare and implement innovative and high quality multilateral international youth
    exchange (Youth Camp);
  • to promote opportunities for further cooperation and networking between partners with focus on working with Memory on the base of experience of joint work on methodological and practical level;
  • to reflect specificity of such work and raise recognition of it as well as recognition of the partner organisations’ work.

The central activity and practical focus of the project is a Youth Camp (Berlin 21.10 – 01.11.2021 with arrival and departure dates).

Other activities have their own values, connected with development of youth workers’ competences and building cooperation/networking; however they are oriented to the Youth Camp. One of these activities in frames of the Project is Methodological Seminar – taking place prior to the Camp (in Berlin 23-30.08.2021) and aiming at preparation of the Camp’s concept and programme; later on there is envisaged a closing meeting (in Tallinn – dates to be confirmed), aiming to evaluate the Project and plan the follow-ups.

This Project works not with history, but with memory; and not with national narratives (memory) but with memories the participants and their families have and memory culture they experience. The group of participants is the main source of questions and knowledge. We don’t bring national narratives and other knowledge, except: examples of memorials, examples of art, memorials and people’s memories from Berlin (visits, street interviews), our own memories. Anyway, we use these sources not as answers or “right” perspectives, but as inputs for further discussions and reflection in the group of participants.

We are looking for participants to take part in the Methodological Seminar. Please, contact Ljuba by the ljubov@trajectorya.ee in case you would like to join it; take a look at the CALL for participants here.

Profile of the participant for the Methodological Seminar in Berlin on dates 23-30 of August 2021:
It is designed for younger generation of youth workers / educators, connected with partner organisations (employees, volunteers, freelancers), who has some experience in non-formal education / youth work / international youth exchanges.

We invite such youth workers / educators who would like to improve their competences in non-formal education and dealing with memory issues in international youth exchanges; these competences can be used by these participants in their daily work or in other projects. Some of the participants will join a team, which will implement the Youth Camp. Please, pay attention, that these participants have to be at least 18 years old, speak English and be residents of the sending organisations ́ countries.

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