Tools for Mainstreaming Gender in Youth Work

Trajectorya has reached a point to finalize the Project “Boys Don’t Cry…?” mainstreaming gender in youth work, which lasted for 18 months and it was KA 2 Strategic Partnership between 8 European partners, supported by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission.

The Project set up diverse objectives of the cooperation between thePartners and its main practical output was a creation of the materials useful for application in youth field to Mainstream Gender equality and equity.

The results of this work are consolidated at the web-platform

front6-1024x512You may find there many exercises, some glossary of the terminology relevant for the topic, guidelines on how to be “gender friendly” in youth work, some theoretical materials as well as a blog with posts raising diverse concerns around gender issues.

The web is first of all though for the Organisations and youth workers, who are new-comers in gender issues and would like to mainstream gender equity through their work. It may be as well useful for the other more advanced actors working with youth on gender mainstreaming.

At this moment the platform is being still completed with more posts and materials and we will appreciate your feedback and comments on its relevance.

You are welcome to take a look and to share it with all possible interested entities and people.




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