University as a social opportunities

Be more social responsible!



This is an award-winning project of social innovation currently running at Oporto, Portugal, which aims at cross-generational interactions. Local seniors rent their rooms to students coming from all over the country and abroad.



“SocialErasmus” is an international project of ESN with the aim of involving international students participating in a university exchange in social and volunteering activities in their host country.



In order to support social projects the income come from some institutions like European Union,  universities and another organisations. The other way to fund is from charity – UNICEF, people or communities. In other hand to become sustainable the money may come from market of products/services.

Social Impacts

The university community by developing and participating in this projects they improve themselves and become more responsible, eco-friendly and initiative. Also the involved people expand their circle of friends, their minds and exchange knowledge and experiences.


To improve the working process and gets more benefits form the projects, there should be multitasking thinking and self improvement. Because of this these projects are always trying to expand the old ideas and develop innovations.

2 thoughts on “University as a social opportunities

  1. Marina Liviu Zet Ivo

    Economical: We think that the first two sentences are not about SE and only the last one really belongs to it.
    The two projects don’t look like SE orientated.

  2. Bobo and Jo

    From our point of view this is not an appropriate example of social entrepreneurship. Indeed, it addresses social needs, but it does not use entrepreneurial methods in order to solve them. This is more of an NGO project than a social enterprise.

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