Where would you go to have a map of migration in Tarragona?

EuroMed Training Course Towards Dialogue 24th September 2009

Results of the Research Exploration of the Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue in Tarragona (Catalonia)

Reality is always more complex than it seems at first sight. As we experienced yesterday, if you want to know something more about migrants and local people living together in Tarragona you have two options: you can ask  the local institutions or you can observe and talk directly to them in the streets. We chose both. But, eventually, the outcomes were totally different.

Asking the institutions happened to be more difficult than we expected. In fact, the public officer working at the Social Affairs department had no time for answering to our questions and we only got statistic: “The 18% of the total population comes from a foreign country, and the 40% out of it is from Morocco”. It is not necessary to go far, you just have to walk along the rambla or around the Central Market, to discover that culture diversity in Tarragona is everywhere.

Diversity in the open marketDiop, a young man from Senegal, has been living and working here for seven years but his dream is still to come back to Africa. Rashid and Mohammed are two maroccain sellers that don’t feel accepted at all but they love to take part in the local Fiesta and drink alcohol. Iumpi Fu is a Chinese cooker who works in a Chinese restaurant, dresses Chinese clothes, goes out just with Chinese people and doesn’t speak Spanish very well while, by contrast, Maria Asunciao, an half Angolan and half Portuguese 60 years old woman, who escaped from the civil war, which cancelled all her family,  now is a receptionist in a local catholic school. She is totally integrated, her life is here now and she is very happy. Coming here for work, escaping from conflicts, changing your life is a nowadays reality and we have to face it in the most serious and open minded way. This is not a joke, it is life.

2 thoughts on “Where would you go to have a map of migration in Tarragona?

  1. Suha

    Sometimes, people are forced to live in places different than their origin or home… and sometimes, those are the one who dose not want or prefer to integrate either fully or partially in any given community may because, they always dream of returning back home one day. But, surly, things in real life and daily life are complicated and the daily sufferance and which rights they enjoy (if any) in that country or community is what eventually makes their life look like. In many cases, also, people, or immigrants they never go back to their home countries and they live and die in the place to where they were expelled. In this case, it is time for taking real and relevant decisions and such decisions should be made by both immigrants and recipients country.

    Be Safe,


  2. meny

    is like a box of chocolates You never know what you’re gonna get!”
    All you have to do is ….taste..you might like it

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