Youth work preventing polarisation in Euro-Med training course – successfully completed

The project took place in November 5-11, in Coma-Ruga (Catalonia) hosted by our partner AHEAD Association. It was a project pending from a year ago, because of the pandemic, and finally was possible to implement.
The training course “Youth work preventing polarisation: Euro-Mediterranean youth work for intercultural democratic citizenship” focused on developing youth work competences to analyse causes, consequences and dynamics of polarisation and developed youth workers’ competences to prepare, implement and evaluate initiatives for the prevention of extreme polarisation through human rights and democratic citizenship education methodologies.

The project brought together a group of 24 youth work professionals from partner organizations in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Jordan Lebanon, the Netherlands, Tunisia and Turkey for an interactive residential course in order to analyse the polarization of communities in the Euro-Mediterranean context.
Three participants from Trajectory@ participated in this training course.

The training course proposed ideas, tools and good practices/projects for development of local actions and cooperation strategies in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The central concept explored was an adaptation from “Polarisation: Understanding the dynamics of us vs. them” by Bart Brandsma. The methodologies shared during the course included 360º civic education, Living Library, spaces for citizen cohesion, appreciative dialogues and other methods/tools based on Human Rights and Non-formal learning.
The programme included the preparation to implement local actions and the development of cooperation strategies in the Euro-Mediterranean area as a direct follow-up of the project.

The training course was supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission of the EU.

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